Drive Hard

Drive Hard JAne

Year: 2014
Rated: 15
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Starring: Thomas Jane, John Cusack
Score: 1/5

Take Thomas Jane and John Cusack, throw them into a movie set in Australia and have a bank job involved. Add a corrupt company, an annoying wife, and old people with guns and you would expect a decent film. Think again.

Jane plays a retired professional race driver that, because of his wife’s nagging, swapped the racing the track to teaching lesson. Enter Cusack  who, naturally, takes a lesson and, in his over-the-top way that he pulls off whenever he acts, makes a complete mess of it. Jane wants out of the lesson and agrees to pull over so that Cusack and pay him. Expect the whole think is staged, Cusack robs a bank and forces Jane to be his getaway driver.

Drive Hard car

As ridiculous as this already sounds, Cusack has an endless supply of burner phones that he throws away whenever, it seems, the plot and script come to a stand-still. If the film had focused on just Jane and Cusack then it may have been salvageable but no. There’s a complex back story that needs to be explained in order for Cusack to retain the illusion of being a ‘good guy’, a police sub-plot that boils down to nothing and is just used to fill up time, and the end fight scene makes no sense and is used to end the film abruptly.

Humour is ‘used’ whenever Jane tries to man up and argue with his wife, the majority of the violence is unnecessary, and there is no point to the plot, let alone the film. The whole blame can’t be put on Cusack or Jane though. The directors most-noteworthy films to date are Leprechaun 3 & 4.

Some films were doomed from the start.

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