Year: 2014
Rated: 15
Director: Jean-Marc Vallee
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Thomas Sadoski, Kevin Rankin
Score: 3/5

With too many items and with not enough experience, Reese Witherspoon attempts to win her second Oscar as Strayed, the unlikely star that has to deal with harsh landscapes, adverse weather conditions, and her own personal traumas whilst traversing the beautiful Pacific Crest Trail.

This is Jean-Marc Vallee’s second true story in two years to be Oscar noteworthy. Following on from last year’s Dallas Buyers Club, this could be the second film where the lead person wins an Oscar.

Whilst the film itself is overly long and could have done a more bit of polishing on the script, Witherspoon is the one light in the movie. Although this could be just because Witherspoon is the only character that receives more than ten minutes of screen time, he character is fun to watch .

The film relies on a complicated timeline where the audience doesn’t realise why anything has happened until close to the end. Even the flashbacks aren’t in a chronological order and the film depends on these, poems, and songs too much for any real depth to be felt. Even Nick Hornby (About A Boy) couldn’t deliver the punch to the script that this story so deserved.

Overall Wild is an average film that manages to deliver the best of Witherspoon. The persistent use of nudity is not necessary and the film could have been better if it had told more of the story about Strayed’s journey on the trail, and not her journey through life.

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