Let’s Be Cops


Year: 2014
Director: Luke Greenfield
Rated: 15
Starring: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev, Andy Garcia
Score: 4/5

Everyone has that friend that takes a joke too far. For Justin (Wayans Jr.), it’s his best friend Ryan (Johnson).


Johnson decides that the pair should impersonate the LAPD after people believe that they’re police officers on their way back from a party. ¬†Add a car and even the real police start falling for the ruse. Wayans Jr. starts dating Nina Dobrev and the two friends are having a great time until a group of criminals come after them & they become involved in a conspiracy theory that never should have been exposed.


The film is great fun. Though you can see how the film will end in the first few minutes, the laughs come hard and fast. Johnson used to be an American Football player and spends his days playing the game with children in the park. Most of them hate him and so he rolls up in uniform to show them up. Some of them still don’t believe him and it is a little disappointing that the film didn’t end with a car chase/ gun showdown in the park.

The banter and comradery between Wayans Jr. and Johnson is great, Dobrev works well in her biggest role to date (not including The Vampire Diaries), and Andy Garcia is amazing as the film’s antagonist. It is a shame that Garcia’s role is so short and only really serves as a semi-predictable plot twist.


Let’s Be Cops is definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, or My Wife and Kids. It’s witty from start to finish and is a nice spin of the ‘buddy cop’ idea since they aren’t even that. Perhaps a different title should have been used as it’s quoted at the start of the film and explains everything before the film has even started. The title also gives the feel that the whole film was thought up whilst in a fancy dress shop.

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