The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Released: 2011
Rated: 15
Director: Lance Daly
Starring: Orlando Bloom, Riley Keough, Michael Peña
Score: 4/5

Orlando Bloom stars as the titular ‘good doctor’ who has newly transferred to a Californian hospital to start his residency. Bloom soon ends up treating Diane Nixon (Keough), an 18 year old with a kidney infection. Bloom develops an unhealthy obsession with Keough and starts tampering with her medication so that she has to stay in the hospital. She eventually dies but her diary detailing their relationship is found by Peña. Blackmailing soon follows – Peña gets drugs and Bloom gets the diary. Bloom soon snaps and poisons Peña.

It’s up to you if you view this film as a love story or as a creepy thriller. On the one hand Bloom and Keough are clearly attracted to each other and Bloom has photos of her in his apartment. He even kisses her at one point. On the other, Bloom stole the photos, kisses her whilst she is passed out, and is also affecting her medicine so that she can’t leave the hospital.

Bloom is great here as he portrays the attractive egotistical doctor and the obsessed psychotic lover at the same time. It’s good to see him in a role that isn’t the usual action or romantic role that he’s becoming stereotypically cast in since Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. The plot might be straightforward but the film works as it relies on the audiences fear of Bloom. He’s the central character and it’s tough on how to view him once the film reaches its end – he’s either the unfortunate doctor or the obsessed lover. The relationship between Bloom and Peña is tested throughout the film as they play doctor and nurse, yet the way Bloom gets his own back on him (Peña suggested poisoning people that are in the way) just seems so perfectly written. Bloom transfers from the potentially crazy lover to the psychopath who will do whatever it takes to get his own way.

Overall the film is amazing. Bloom is acting in an unusual role which just adds to the feeling created. Although it’s not a film that could be watched again anytime soon, it is a refreshing spin on films concerning hospitals.

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