Dark Country

Dark CountryYear: 2009
Rated: 15
Director: Thomas Jane
Starring: Thomas Jane, Lauren German, Ron Perlman
Score: 4/5

Thomas Jane directs and stars in this gripping film noir that will keep you guessing until the end.

Dick (Jane) and Gina (German) are newlyweds driving at night to their honeymoon when they come across a man that’s been in a car accident. The suspense builds as it turns out that the man somehow knows all about them. During a fight Dick kills him, they bury the body and stop at a gas station only to realise that Dick’s watch is missing. Dick travels back to the grave and discovers that the body is missing when he hears his wife screaming. Desperate for answers he run into the police only to be informed by the Deputy (Perlman) that the station has been abandoned for over thirty years….

For a small film, Dark Country packs one hell of a punch and it’s only once the surprise turn takes place at the end that all of the little details throughout the movie make sense. Jane delivers a great entry into the horror genre in his directional debut that would have been served better if he hadn’t relied so much on 3D for the film. The majority of the people viewing Dark Country will see the 2D version and the need for 3D, combined with the Twilight Zone and comic book effect created, may deter more than one person from a second viewing.

Hopefully Jane’s next directional effort can outshine Dark Country, though it’ll be hard.

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