Year: 2013
Rated: 15
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Starring: Emily Browning, Xavier Samuel, Cam Gigandet, Thomas Dekker, Dawn Olivieri
Score: 4/5

Based around some good songs, Plush delivers plot twist after plot twist that are sometimes hard to comprehend.


Reeling after the suicide of her brother, Hayley (Emily Browning) hires Enzo (Xavier Samuel) to stand in his place in her band. When the first gig bombs, the two of them decide to hook up and see if there lies a creative spark to lift the band back to their previous heights. Music and sex work well together and the two call it a day on the affair. Browning returns to her husband (Cam Gigandet) and children in order to live her life and return to normal. Then Enzo turns up at her house.

Plush image 2


Thomas Dekker plays Browning’s brother Jack and, although he only has a small part, it’s potentially the most important character in the film. Samuel constantly sends chills down the spine and the audience’s view on him slowly changes as the film reaches its climax. The scares come fast as the film evolves from an indie-musical drama into a horror. It’s incredibly hard not to fall in love with Gigandet – his character does nothing wrong and yet gets trod on for the majority of the film. It’s exactly the opposite for Browning and Samuel though as, despite the great acting, the characters are evil people.  The film evolves and draws the audience in slowly until it’s too late for them to pull out. Then, just when you think everything is laid out and explained, the film reverses everything that you think you know in the last ten minutes to great effect.


With numerous surprising plot twists that all work, Plush is a creepy ‘musical’ that won’t easily be forgotten. Apart from the introduction, the film is solid entertainment and well worth another watch after careful consideration.



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