Draft Day

Draft Day

Release: 2014
Rated: 12A
Director: Ivan Reitman
Starring: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Frank Langella, Denis Leary, David Ramsey
Score: 3/5

224 players. 32 teams. 7 rounds. It’s the NFL draft. One person at every club will have the final say on who will be drafted and given a jersey. This man is Kevin Costner.

It’s the 2014 NFL Draft Day and Cleveland GM Costner has traded to get himself the number one pick. Over the next 12 hours he must decide whether to stick with his gut, or to listen to the advice of his colleagues as his professional and personal life collide. On the one hand he’s trying to deal with the loss of his father, his erratic mother and a woman who’s fallen pregnant with his child, and on the other there’s the same woman as an employee, a conniving head coach, and an owner who is making threats to fire him. Let the madness begin.

Not a fan of the NFL? Doesn’t matter. Haven’t the faintest clue what happens on Draft Day? Doesn’t matter. Parts of the film include voice-overs explaining what occurs which, though helpful, does become annoying. The film starts off slowly and is constantly cutting between clubs and facilities which lets the audience see how the world of American Football works. Where this film excels is towards the end when the action of the big day finally starts. It’s emotive watching all of the differing parties whose lives will be affected by the decision of Costner. If only Costner was better. For once he’s not the best actor in the film, ploughing through it with a monotonous tone and his character seems to delight in rubbing everyone the wrong way. From the action and usual romance films that he’s used to being in, Costner has found an easy job here as he doesn’t need to do any acting.

With numerous enjoyable cameos, Draft Day may begin looking like a documentary but develops into an enjoyable drama that enables all of the viewers to understand that ‘the greatest victories don’t always happen on the pitch’.

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